Double Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Make it a Double

Once in a while serendipity smiles on you and you and your best friend begin dating new guys around the same time. While you don’t plan to have joint weddings and get pregnant with your first children at the same time like you did back in high school (Girl, you know you did that.), you’re pretty stoked that you get to gab to your bff about your man’s tender eyes and listen to her gush about her guy’s manly hands. If this is you right now, Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to introduce your bestie to the guy who’s been taking up all of your time lately. We’ve come up with some fun, cheap date ideas for you and your girlfriend to share with your new boos.

Across the Board

If you’re still in the getting to know him phase with your new guy a games night is a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Invite your girlfriend and her guy in on the fun. He can see how you interact with your friends and you can see if he’ll fit in well with your crew. If things are going well, end the night with a body tangling game of Twister.

Press Play

Spice up movie night by picking a theme. If 90s urban romances are your thing, you bring “Poetic Justice” andyour BFF can bring “Jason’s Lyric.” You, your girl and your new guys can reminisce over where you were when you first saw Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett-Smith make love in a patch of flowers.

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Lucky Strike

This idea is even better if you have multiple couples. Head to your favorite bowling spot and let the games begin. To add a touch of Valentine’s Day love — each time you get a strike your guy has to give you a PDA-style smooch. The girlfriend with the most kisses at the end of the night wins. Talk about friendly foreplay!

Skate On

Take advantage of winter and do a couple laps around your local outdoor ice skating rink. It will give you a chance to laugh it up with your best friend and hold hands with your new guy as you glide across the ice. Afterwards, head inside for some warm hot chocolate and snuggles at a local diner.

Cook Off

Instead of a classic dinner date, organize an intimate dinner party for you and your guy and your bestie and her new man. Create a women vs. men competition. You and your girlfriend will hand the appetizer and the main course and the guys have to prepare the cocktails and dessert.