What You Said: Girlfriends’ Best Advice

The Best Advice You’ve Gotten from Your BFF

Where would we be without good advice on life and love from our girlfriends? Luckily we don’t have to wonder because our girls always have our backs, even if we take their cues or not. We’ve rounded up the best advice that our Facebook friends have received from their girlfriends through the years. Check them out. It may help you make the right choice…

Be Happy

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t help.” —Erica

Wait a Minute

Brenda: “Have patience and give a man a chance in your life. Stop looking for a reason to bail.”

Who’s the Man?

“Let the man be the man” —Lois

You Better Believe It

“When a man shows you who he is, believe him.” —Saunders

Run, Girl!

“Not Him! Anybody but him!” I should have listened.” —DivaMarie

You Can Do It

“You never know what you are capable of doing until you are put in certain situations.” —Gina

In Good Times and Bad

“In marriage, pick your battles wisely.” —Markisha

Let It Go, Girl

“One of my best friends strongly encouraged me to forgive someone who had hurt me deeply. It had been a while sine we’d broken up, but I didn’t realize how angry and hurt I still was.” —LaWanda

Give It Right Back

“She said, ‘Men can dish it, but they can’t take it. Give it to him like he gives it to you.’ It worked too.”—Tamika

Heart Knows Best

“Go with your heart and be strong.” —Denise