5 Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

Me and My Girlfriends

Your girlfriends are like your personal army and each soldier has a vital roll to play in your life. We’ve pinpointed five girlfriends that every woman needs next to her on the front lines…

1. The Cheerleader

Bless the cheerleader’s heart. She doesn’t have the nerve to tell you when your hairstyle looks silly or your pimple needs popping. But sometimes, you don’t want to hear that mess anyway. Your cheerleader friend always sees your best qualities and she’s quick to compliment you on all of them. She’s the one you call when you need a quick pep talk before you quit your job or tell your boyfriend “I love you” for the first time or tell your husband “I want another baby.”

2. The Big Momma

She’s usually a little older and wiser. She’s been around the block and she will warn you about tell you about all of the potholes and cracks in the sidewalk before you get there. She also knows that you’re going to get yourself into trouble before you do. Expect her to say “I told you so.” But also expect her to dish out a big bowl of something tasty with an extra helping of loving and comfy couch to watch “Waiting to Exhale” on when she does.

3. The Paper Chaser

No, this girlfriend is not a gold digger, but she’s definitely about her paper. She works hard for her money and can teach how to get the most out of your job and career. She’ll tell you never to settle for the first offer a potential employee puts on the table, how to save for a rainy day and where to invest your coins once you make some.

4. The Wing Woman

Why is it that when you suck at relationships, all your girlfriends suck at relationships too? It’s the blind leading the blind. You need at least one woman in your life who understands men and is quick to nudge you in the right direction. The wing woman will bring her man to your house when you just need a buffer between you and your husband before you make any rash decisions about your relationship. The wing woman is always down to drag her boyfriend along on a double date just for the off chance that the new guy in your life might be “the one.” She’s also down to dissect his pros and cons with you the next morning over coffee and if that brother doesn’t work out, she’s got a long list of other men on her that will on her radar.

4. The Party Girl

When all your other girlfriends are laying low because the weather man says you’re going to get six inches of snow, trust, your partying girlfriend is rocking her snow boots at the club. Although she has a little bit of a reckless side, she’s always down to let loose and have a good time. She’s there to remind you that life is not as serious as you make it out to be. She’s also the perfect girlfriend to discuss your make-out session. If you’re already boo’ed up, she’s the one you’ll turn to when you need a break from your man and the kids and the mundanities of life.