Better With Your BFF

It Takes Two

Your best friend could also be called your other life partner. While your guy, your kids and your job fulfill you in many ways, they can never replace the feeling of completeness that a good girlfriend can give you. That said, there are some activities that just go better with your bestie by your side. Have you had a bff moment lately?

Movie Moment

Think back… who were you with the first time you watched “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “Love and Basketball” or “The Best Man?” That’s right, your best friend. There’s a reason why she’s always around to indulge in a sappy love story with you. It’s just better that way.

Work Out Plan

Your best friend offers a touch of friendly competition to your workouts that helps you keep going when you’d rather give up. Plus it’s just nice to have someone else around who can literally feel your pain after a strenuous session.

Cook It Up

When you and your best friends get into kitchen together, cooking isn’t the only thing going on. You make jokes, catch up, trade recipes and bond. Plus every one needs a bestie to try out her new souffle on.

Hand in Hand

Every frugal fashionista is on a budget these days. Save your dough by bringing your bag of nail gear over to your girlfriend’s place. Giving each other mani-pedis is still way more fun than doing your nails yourself.

Women on Men

The only thing that makes that wild night of passion between you and your man better is being able to re-hash all of the sexy details with your girlfriend.

Girl, Please!

We all talk to our bffs about our other friends.Don’t act like you don’t do it.

Talk Shop

Nothing says best friend like accompanying you to find a new pair of skinny jeans. Your bff is there to talk you off a ledge when you have to go up two sizes to fit into those European designer duds. She’ll also convince you not to spend $200 on denim and try on the most eccentric of outfits just to make you laugh.

Spruce Up

Why is it that getting ready for the party is almost always more fun than the actual party? You and your bffs trade new makeup secrets and side-eye moments, catch up on each other’s lives and help style each other’s hair and outfits. By the time you head out the door you’ve already had a nice dose of girl-time to boost your mood.

Get the Spirit

While everyone’s spiritual journey is personal and unique, it is always assuring to have a friend to help you along that journey, to motivate you when you feel yourself slipping or to simply feel the spirit with you.

Go Digital

Keeping up with our girlfriend’s via text, twitter, bbm and facebook is way more fun than just checking in once in a while.We can find out what they’re up to and even chime in in the digital space, as if we were right there with them.