Gifting family and friends with hair care products or styling tools may not be the first choice on your holiday shopping list, but it’s the perfect season to help your loved ones maintain their mane, and even correct some common mistakes, says one veteran Black hair care professional.

You might have been looking at this person all year, thinking, ‘She could use a little help,’ says Walter Lucas, a stylist for 32 years at Hairstyling by Joseph’s. Located in NYC’s Upper East Side neighborhood, the 50-year-old salon, a favorite of Tyra Banks, is renown for its focus on Black hair care of various textures.

“A lot of women are wearing their hair naturally,” says Lucas. “But the biggest mistake that I see women with natural hair make is they think they now need less, or, no maintenance. Your hair can get just as dry, if not even drier, than if you have relaxer in your hair,” he warns, adding that regularly washing, conditioning, detangling and trimming is a must for any texture.

But if you are still uncertain about wrapping up that new pomade, leave it to the pros.

“You can always gift someone with a day of beauty at your favorite hair salon,” says Lucas.

“The holidays are jam-packed with social events, parties and bumping into people you don’t normally see,” he says. “So everyone wants to look their best.”

Check out Walter Lucas’ top hair must-haves in this week’s gift guide!

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