This season, Santa better make a pit stop at Sephora! If he doesn’t, we’re sure your mom, sis and soror will all be up in arms after they browse the goodies we’ve got in this week’s Beauty Gift Guide. Make them happy (and keep the peace). Give them the gift of pretty.

The time is now, according to one make-up artist, to stock up on generously packed and reasonably priced all-in-one kits.

“These [cosmetic] companies realize that for a lot of people, money is really tight and they’re packing a lot into a make-up kit,” says Shereen Nicole, owner of SN Makeup ( and an NYC-based professional make-up artist of 11 years. 

“Now, you can get products for a complete [made-up] face for half the price,” she adds. “That’s never happened.”

Translation: Make like Armageddon truly is coming in 2012 and raid your local Sephora, Sally’s or drugstore. But before you dash out the door, check out these guaranteed-to-please items: a blush that can miraculously flatter both a peaches and cream skin tone and a deep chocolate complexion. An entire brush set for the price of one. An encyclopedia of eye shadows. We’ve got the fab 15 you don’t want to miss!

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