I know from experience that taking care of a child does not give you a lot of YOU time. Mommy Style is smart style. Creating a look that is low maintenance and sexy sometimes requires a little reinvention. Yes–I said SEXY! A lot of moms give up their sex appeal when they have children. Getting your sexy back is a mental exercise as well as a physical one. Self visualization is very important. Here are 7 steps to jump start the process of “Getting Your Sexy Back”: 1. Find a photo of yourself where you feel and look really good. Think about that attitude and feel that sense of well being. Post it somewhere where you can see it everyday. You may not look the same but you are the same person and that person lives inside of you. Embrace her and show her love and respect! 2. Get a low maintenance hairstyle. Something that does not require a lot of time and upkeep. A great haircut, braids, a weave–something that looks great all the time. 3. Be physical–you can do this with the kids. Run and play for you, too. Stretch and bend. Yoga videos for kids are great for mommies too. Dancing around the house to you favorite music is also very therapeutic. 4. Stop wearing those old mommy clothes–you know sort of maternity but not. Get rid of the frumpy. 5. Wear matching bra and panty sets. Easy match solution is buy the same color for example–all black bras and panties. Lingerie can help you feel sexy throughout the day. Also sleep in niceties —you don’t have to wear a negligee to bed. Cotton and silk sleepwear can be practical and sexy. 6. Think pretty and practical when getting dressed. Feminine flirty colors and prints in wash and wear fabrics. Pretty tops with jeans, casual skirts and dresses. 7. Dress Up! Just because. Push yourself to look pretty–stop thinking about what other moms are wearing. Look fabulous first for yourself and others will follow.   A wise pediatrician gave me the following advice when I became a parent: He said “When you are on a plane and the stewardess is going over the emergency procedure, it states to put your mask on first and then the mask of your child”. Taking care of yourself is important also for the optimal care of your family. Be all that you can be. Don’t be a martyr for style. Children learn from their day to day role models. It’s time for moms to get it together and keep it together. Motherhood does not have to replace style. With “10 Minute Style” you can get YOUR SEXY BACK and keep it!