Ladies, in case you missed the memo, here you go: Now that the entire world (yes this means your grandma too) is on Facebook, we must watch the things we say and do on the site.

When it comes to Facebook there are eyes on you even when you don’t know anyone is watching. You enjoy spending time on Facebook and Twitter; I get that. But you’re a lady first, and a social networker second.

You may know one or two women who met The One on Facebook, but it’s still not a good idea to make your cleavage the main focus in your profile picture. Facebook does allow you to share all your business, but should you really?

You’re single, busy, and really hoping to save time and meet someone online– I get that too, I do.  But let’s be smart about it ladies.

Be conscious of what your potential suitors might see when they land on your Facebook page. Real talk: Once you’re “Facebook friends”, the first time a guy visits your profile, you might as well be on a first date. He will learn about who you are, and probably pass a few judgments too. Now what’s the first thing you want him to notice about you from your page? That your butt looks amazing in leggings, or that you’re both super neat Virgos? Please believe me, he will judge some of what he sees you say and do on Facebook (we all do), so try to think it through before you send all all those “sexy” camera phone photos you took right to Facebook.
There are some ground rules that can help you keep things classy online.

They are:

1. If a photo is sexy enough to stop a man in his tracks it belongs in your personal collection not on your Facebook wall.

2. If there is even a small chance you’ll regret the status update you’re about to write, don’t. (Think: “best overnight visit ever” or “Tequila is not my friend”) The next day you will wish you hadn’t’ shared those feelings.

3. It’s okay to meet someone on Facebook, but once you do, get to know each other more offline. You’re worth meeting in person, and if he doesn’t want to he’s definitely hiding something.

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