After months of waiting, George Zimmerman’s medical report from the day after his fatal altercation with Trayvon Martin has been released.

CNN reports that the alleged shooter suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and two lacerations on the back of his head. A family doctor is said to have completed the exam, which supports Zimmerman’s claims of self defense.

Since Zimmerman’s arrest and brief stint in jail, he’s entered a not guilty plea to second degree murder charges. and remains out, in hiding, on $150K bail.

In light of today’s news, the Martin family is questioning the validity of the medical reports. Benjamin Crump, their attorney says, “The family has very strong positions about this family physician’s report that was done the next day. What we do know is on February 26, the ER personnel did not believe his injuries were significant enough for him to go to the hospital. They didn’t even put a Band-Aid on his head that’s important.”

The 17-year-old’s autopsy displayed injuries on his knuckles which, according to Crump, proves Trayvon was “fighting for his life.”

“Let’s not forget that Trayvon Martin was fighting a man with a 9-milimeter gun,” Crump told Anderson Cooper. “We also have to remember that he didn’t start this fight. George Zimmerman got out of his car and pursued Trayvon Martin.”

How do you feel about George Zimmerman’s emerging medical report? Do you believe it to be true?