George Zimmerman is Auctioning Off The Gun He Used to Take Trayvon Martin’s Life
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It’s 2016 and George Zimmerman is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Four years after fatally gunning down Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, Zimmerman is now proudly auctioning off the gun he used to claim the unarmed Black teen’s life.

Heartlessly labeling the 9mm handgun “An American Firearm Icon,” Zimmerman is selling the weapon to the highest bidder in a single-day auction to take place today. The bidding price starts at $5,000.  

The gun is reportedly being auctioned off on, where Zimmerman describes it as “the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012.”

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Adding insult to injury, Zimmerman also says he plans to use a portion of the proceeds from the gun sale to “end “Black Lives Matter violence against law enforcement officers,” according to CNN.

The Trayvon Martin Foundation has since released a statement in light of news about the auction and Zimmerman’s “plans” for what he will do with the money.

“The Trayvon Martin Foundation is committed to its mission of ending senseless gun violence in the United States,” a family attorney told Fox 35 News. “This election season, we are laser focused on furthering that mission. As such, the foundation has no comment on the actions of that person.”

Although President Obama has worked with the U.S. Department of Justice in an attempt to have the gun rendered inoperable, Zimmerman’s defense team were unfortunately able to successfully contest any such orders, thus allowing Zimmerman to remain in possession of the murder weapon.

We’re speechless… and disgusted.

May Trayvon continue to rest in peace as his family continues the fight for justice on his behalf.

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