‘The Game’ Poll: Does Cheating With the Love of Your Life Make It Okay?

We can always count on BET’s The Game to bring the drama, and last night’s new episode was no exception. It opened with what viewers thought was a sweet FaceTime chat between long-distance lovers Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) and Pookie (Rockmond Dunbar). But there was something a little off with their usual cheery, flirty, freaky vibe. It didn’t take long to figure out why. When Tasha ended the call with a timid “I love you too,” Rick Fox popped up right behind her naked in bed looking as good as ever. (Gasp!) Did Tasha just cheat on Pookie? We knew he’d paid her a surprise visit the night before and she seemed more than a little bit shaken by his sudden presence, but many fans were shocked to learn she’d taken things so far, so fast. Granted, they are exes with a lot of history between them, and even more unfinished business, but that didn’t make the moment any less scandalous.

Tasha, immediately overcome by her guilt, kicked Rick out and begged him to leave her be. His response: “If you love Pookie, than why are you here with me right now?” Good question, brother. (We were simultaneously asking ourselves the same thing!) When Pookie popped up a day early in Tasha’s hotel room, she was so rattled she only made matters worse by picking a totally unnecessary fight – over nothing! – that led to her and Pookie laying side-by-side on tattoo tables getting matching name tattoos. Really, Tasha?! Oh, the scandal.

Poor Pookie had no clue that the flowers that they found waiting for Tasha when they got back to her room didn’t come from the “Flower of the Month Club.” (Wait…he bought that?) While Tasha sent Pookie to the bathroom to get Vaseline for her tattoo (…he bought that too?), Tasha phoned Rick and asked him to meet her in a secret location. Fast forward to them making sweet love inside her car and her breaking down into tears when she realizes she has to make a seemingly impossible choice. Thank God newbie Chardonnay (Brandy) just happened to be walking by (yikes!) because it looks like Tasha really needs a friend.

No one expects the characters on this show to be model citizens, but right about now, Tasha and Rick are in moral muddy waters, and they’re sinking fast. A love triangle this volatile can only lead to heartbreak and pain. What’s no-nonsense, fast-talking Ms. Mack to do now? Because this is some real bull…and, no, Tasha, we don’t think you’re about that life.

So, the question is, are you judging Ms. Mack for her indiscretions and the way she’s dogging poor unsuspecting Pookie? Or, do you sympathize with her matters of the heart? Tell us where you stand below.

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