Gabrielle Union Wants To Talk To Amy Schumer & Kate Upton About White Privilege
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Gabrielle Union is quite often one of the first to speak out about racial injustice and sexism. The actress recently penned a powerful op-ed about Birth of a Nation director Nate Parker and her own sexual assault. Now, she plans to speak to Amy Schumer and Kate Upton about their white privilege.

In an interview with xoNecole, Union said:

“In order to begin to see change start to occur, we have to be willing to have conversations with people who have different opinions than us. I’ve already talked to Lena Dunham; I would love to talk to Kate Upton and Amy Schumer. Maybe I can help to explain the oppressive systems that have benefited and allowed them to say these careless, insensitive and offensive things. Those conversations are awkward as f**k and they get heated. Similar to watching people have conversations about consent. “

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The interview also goes in-depth about the controversy surrounding Birth of a Nation, women and sexuality, and how women of color are treated in the entertainment industry.

“I choose to define sexuality differently and you have to figure out what you’re comfortable with. Not everyone is comfortable with multiple partners or casual sex and that’s okay; it doesn’t make you a saint or me a sinner. If other people try to tell you what’s acceptable when its comes to your sexuality, you have to call bullshit; last I checked, the only person my vagina was attached to was me, so anyone else’s opinions about that are unnecessary, uninvited and unwarranted.”