Gabourey Sidibe Pulled the Best Wedding Prank
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Gabourey Sidibe appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday and revealed how she and—then fiancé, now wife—Molly McNearney pulled an epic prank on Kimmel’s wedding day.

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McNearney, who is also head writer of Kimmel’s show, reached out to Sidibe and asked her to walk down the aisle ahead of her in a full wedding gown during her wedding march a.k.a “Here Comes the Bride”—this is after, of course, the couple had vowed to each other “no pranks, no pranks, no pranks.” Sidibe obliged and hilarity ensued.

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Sidibe perfectly describes the chaotic response from family members and guests as only McNearney and Sidibe were in on the prank. Watch the story in the above clip.