Gabourey Sidibe co-stars in this weekend’s box-office smash, “Tower Heist,” an action comedy that finds Sidibe in the middle of a wealthy man’s Ponzi scheme. Sidibe says that working alongside the talented Eddie Murphy made this the perfect follow-up to her widely popular debut in “Precious.”

“It was a lot of fun,” Sidibe told ” I think I’m funny, by myself. I think I’m a funny person and my mom thinks I’m funny but the biggest test of whether or not you are funny is being in a scene with Eddie Murphy.”

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Shooting with Eddie wasn’t the only highlight of her role in “Tower Heist.” She also says that she enjoyed the challenge of taking on an accent for her role as Odessa, a Jamaican maid.

“They hired a dialect coach, which was great,” said Sidibe. “My best friend is Jamaican. Her mom is like a second mom to me and I tried my best to use her accent.”

In addition to buffing up on her dialect skills, the actress says playing in this role also served as a confidence boost.

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“I certainly have gained more confidence with each film that I do,” said Sidibe. “I get to work with people that I look up to and admire. They trust me to do my job and that only makes me stronger.”

You can catch “Tower Heist” out now in theaters nationwide.

Have you seen “Tower Heist” yet? What did you think?


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