So Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe hosted this week’s “Saturday Night Live” and even if the show isn’t your usual Saturday night laugh-fest chances are you tuned in to watch our girl do her thing. Thankfully Gabby was exceptionally funny and her enthusiasm shined through every skit, especially her opening monologue (The song “I’m Gabourey?” Priceless). From there things got a little shaky. The episode overall was far from groundbreaking and Gabby was cast in a few “expected” roles from a Black actress. It’s as if the writers saw this beautifully talented Black actress and just couldn’t get past her color so they wrote her in as a jazz singer (a Black girl who sings? What a strecth), a government employee with an attitude (how surprising) and a Jamaican nurse (though Gabby’s accent was spot-on) among others. What happened to Gabby showing some girl-power and telling Howard Stern to kiss her you know what? Or what about addressing those wack weight-loss “gurus” trying to make a name for themselves on her back?       Unlike “Precious” on SNL Gabby seemed miscast and her talent underutilized. What do you think? Related stories: