Long distance relationships are challenging. Staying sexually committed and interested in each other when there are hundreds of miles between you can be a struggle, but there are ways to keep the romance hot and steamy from a distance. Here are a few suggestions for keeping it sexy when you’re far apart. Start Sexting Until recently, sexting only came up in conversation when we were referring to teens behaving badly. Now it’s time for you and your long distance lover to get a little naughty via text message. A sext can be anything from texting, “Hey, baby. I can’t wait to (place verb here) on your (place noun here) in two weeks. You make me so (place adjective here),” to sending a sultry photo of you in your underwear, or less. Photo Shop Does your digital camera have a timer? Set up a sexy photo shoot. Go to your favorite lingerie store and pick up some new intimate apparel. Next, dig through your local Joann Fabrics store for some fun props like faux pearls and yards of satin or lace to lay around the room. Give yourself a sexy makeover with smokey eyes or red lips and big curls or bed-head (texture is key, our beauty expert says). You can pour yourself a glass of wine to loosen up and then start snapping. Once you’ve got a good amount of looks documented, upload the shots to your computer and e-mail them to your guy in increments — maybe one a day until you see each other next. Video Conference If you’re living far away from your beau and you don’t have Skype, shame on you! Being able to see each other in real time can really enhance your relationship. Set up a sexy online date. When it’s time to “meet up,” don’t talk about your stressful day at work or the insane traffic on the way home. Just get down to business. Tell each other all the naughty things you’ve been thinking about. One of your fantasies is bound to spark some mutual masturbation. Watching your man touch himself, while not being able to touch him has the potential to drive you wild. It’s really the next best thing to actually being there. Back in the Day With social networking, e-mail and cell phones allow us to stay connected in quick-time, the idea of receiving letters in the mail has become a novelty. Often times what’s novel is extra exciting. Take it back to the old school and send each other sexy letters describing your most desired sexual encounters. Send a letter every day so that you both have something hot and steamy to look forward to every 24 hours. Include a photo (yes, you can still get photos printed at the drug store) of yourself and kiss the back of the image like you did back when you gave your high school boyfriend your yearbook picture. Face Time You and your man should each plan at least one surprise visit while you’re away from each other — that’s outside of the trips you already have scheduled. Coordinate with one of his friends to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at his place. Before you get to his spot, change into a trench coat and high heels. Glide on that red lipstick again, girlfriend. Ring his doorbell. When he opens the door he’ll be floored. When you take off your trench to reveal your birthday suit, he’ll get the surprise of his life. Of course, there’s good old phone sex, but that goes without mentioning. Go wild long distance lovers — let the sexting, Skype-ing and photo snapping begin.