Petition Calls For Release Of Teen Accused Of Killing Allegedly Abusive Father
Bresha Meadows GoFundMe Page

The social media community and many others across the country are unting in support of Ohio teen Bresha Meadows.

Last month, the 15-year-old was sent to a juvenille detention center to await trial after being accused of killing her allegedly abusive father and members of the Color of Change advocacy group are now calling for her release through a recently-launched petition. “Bresha Meadows is a child survivor of domestic violence who just turned 15 while incarcerated at the Trumbull County Ohio Juvenile Detention Center,” the petition reads. “Bresha is charged with aggravated murder for defending herself, and her family from a father who had a long history of abusing them. We demand that the Trumbull County Ohio Prosecutor’s office drop all charges against Bresha Meadows and release her immediately.”

14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Killing Father, Mother Calls Her A ‘Hero’

In addition to the launch of the petition, which has garnered over 3,100 signatures so far, a GoFundMe campaign has also been established for those looking to support Brea and her family financially as they prepare for her upcoming trial. The campaign has received over $31,000 in donations so far. The social media community has begun showing support for the teen using the hashtag #FreeBreaMeadows in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Bresha is accused of fatally shooting her father with his own shotgun after allegedly witnessing him abuse her mother for years. She was charged with delinquency by reason of aggravated murder and is set to appear at a pretrial hearing on August 30th. Bresha’s mother Brandi has continued to stand by her daughter’s side in the wake of the charges, describing Bresha as her “hero.”