Frank Ocean Updates Us on His Life in New Blog Post
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Frank Ocean took to his tumblr page recently to update his fans about his life. In the lengthy and scattered post written in a TextEdit document, Ocean shared details about his upcoming creative projects and even talked about falling in love again, in addition to sharing a number of random thought nuggets.

Although Channel Orange was a success over the summer, Ocean says he’s looking to pen a book in the near future. “I wanna write a book about twins,” he writes. “… Some type of nature versus nurture tale.” But that’s not all, he’s also into cars and says he’s thinking of starting a car club and has already developed a sketch for its logo.

But perhaps the most interesting pieces of his blog post are about his love life. “I was falling for someone new,” he writes. “If I already hadn’t. It was incredible. It was ridiculously awesome. It came and went maimed us a little. Not much.” The last time Ocean penned a note about his love life, he revealed that he fell in love with another man at the age of 19. That letter caused a media frenzy and speculation over his sexuality.

Ocean also took a moment to share his current views on religion. “I’ve possibly lost all religion, I’ve sunken into passivity in certain areas of my life. All while being honest opposite others,” he shared. “The number one rule in relationships, from what I hear, is to never just leave.”

As for those random thought nuggets, Ocean shared that he’s back to eating steak after a 10-year hiatus. And for those who don’t know, he says Oreos don’t go so well with almond milk.

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