Frank Ocean (Finally) Releases Long-Awaited Album!
Andrew Chin/FilmMagic

Frank Ocean has finally released his second album, four years after his smash debut, Channel Oange.

The 17-track album dropped exclusively on Apple Music Saturday night on the heels of his surprise visual album, Endless, which was released on Thursday.

Most fans expected the album to be called Boys Don’t Cry, but Ocean suprised us once more by naming his album Blonde. Instead, Boys Don’t Cry is the name of a 360-page print publication Ocean debuted at pop-up shops in New York City, Chicago, Lond and Los Angeles.

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So what other surprised can we expect on Blonde? The single, “Nikes,” which Ocean released a video for on Friday. Also, cameos by Beyoncé, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Jazmine Sullivan, and more. Song titles include “Facebook Story,” “Self Contol,” and “Skyline To.”

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You can tune into to Apple Music to listen to the entire album.