This could be the best holiday Alfred Woodfox has had in years. Earlier this week, a Louisiana state judge overturned the former Black Panther member’s conviction for murdering a prison guard, which has kept him locked up for the past 37 years. Now he could be out on bail as early as next week. But Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell told ABC News that his office will appeal the decision and try to keep Woodfox in prison. Woodfox was already doing time for armed robbery charges in 1972, when he and three other inmates allegedly murdered the prison guard. Woodfox says he was framed by prison officials because he used his Black Panther membership to fight for prison reform.

Woodfox’s case sparked attention when he became known as one of the “Angola Three” after trying to expose segregation in the Louisiana prison system and spending three decades in solitary confinement.