It’s not news that Donald Trump likes to be the center of attention and to have people defer to him. And that, according to former The Apprentice star and business woman Tara Dowdell, is why he has an issue with Black women. We are essentially the only ones who see him for what he truly is and call him out every single time. “I think there are two things going on with Donald Trump and Black women,” Dowdell told host Joy Reid when asked about Trump’s “weird thing” with Black women. “Number one is that Black women have overwhelmingly been the one group that refuses to bow down to Donald Trump. We have been on the forefront of the resistance. we are also not just on the forefront of the resistance, but we are actually behind the defeat of a lot of his candidates.” “It was Black women, Black women voters, Black women organizers — [failed US Senate candidate] Roy Moore is a perfect example in Alabama, a ruby-red state,” she added. “We have talked about this over and over again, Trump had backed Moore and ultimately came out aggressively for him. That is part of what his issue is.” Also, according to Dowdell, Trump just knows what buttons to push when it comes to racially charged words. He has proven that since his calls for the death penalty in the case of the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five, and even today when he insistently calls Rep. Maxine Waters (D -Calif.) “low IQ”. “Trump knows Black women voters are not stupid because we are the one group that has not fallen for his con in any kind of significant way. overwhelmingly we haven’t fallen for his con,” Dowdell said, finishing her read. And a read it is. Manipulators and bullies hate those that they can’t manipulate or bully. And this is just a prime example of that.