Cohabitating is so 2008, new research reveals. “Stayovers” are what serious couples now prefer.

A stayover is when a man or woman in a committed relationship sleeps over at their lover’s place three to four nights a week, but never officially moves in, or has any intention of doing so.

This is something adults between the ages of 18 to 28 are more into than ever, making stayovers the newest addition to the list of things you can do besides be married, which includes things like, “shack up,” “hook up,” or being “friends with benefits,” the study says.

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Who can keep up? How do these stayover relationships happen? According to ‘We’re Not Living Together’: Stayover Relationships Among College-Educated Emerging Adults by Tyler B. Jamison and Lawrence Ganong, they’re different from shacking up because they’re more part-time arrangements that are convenient for both involved.

For example, you like sleeping at your man’s place, a lot, but love the idea of still having your own private space. Also, cohabitating is considered a step toward marriage, and couples who enjoy stayovers may not necessarily be there yet.

There’s nothing new about spending a lot of time at your boyfriend’s place, but this is the first time the idea has it’s own nickname.

Are you in a “stayover” relationship? Should you live together before marriage?


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