Is Eddie Murphy overpaid? According to Forbes’ latest ranking he’s grossly overpaid compared to the amount of dollars his movies earn at the box office.

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The news couldn’t come at a worse time — currently experiencing a career revival of sorts with the “Tower Heist” hitting theaters yesterday and his impending Oscar gig — he can’t afford any bad press.

Forbes’ “Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors” list was created by reviewing celebrity salaries in direction proportion to the amount of dollars were earned. On average, for every dollar Murphy was paid the studio earned $2.70. That’s not great news.

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“Meet Dave,” one of his more recent films, earned $50M at the box office while the budget for the movie totaled $60M. The same goes for “Imagine That” which sadly earned $22M while it cost the production company a whopping $55M to make.

Despite all the numbers and such, Murphy is pushing full steam ahead earning rave reviews from fans over “Tower Heist” and creating lots of buzz for the Oscars.

It’ll be interesting to see if he can keep the momentum going!


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