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Food for Love

We've compiled a list of foods that are said to have an amorous effect on the body.

Our friends at getemgirls.com put together an enticing list of mind-blowing aphrodisiacs. 

Aphrodisiacs are foods or drinks believed to increase sexual desire or fertility. They’re named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Many of the foods that are considered aphrodisiacs are pretty high in certain nutrients, specifically zinc, which has been labeled the ultimate sexual mineral. We’ve compiled a list of foods that are said to have an amorous effect on the body.

Oysters are the King of aphrodisiacs! In fact, Casanova was said to eat about 50 raw oysters a day-and we’ve all heard how that turned out for him, right? Loaded with zinc, they are linked to fertility, potency, and sex-drive. Oyster are great eaten raw with a little Tabasco, but I love them broiled and topped with Parmesan cheese-yum!

Honey has always been believed to aid in fertility. Considered the nectar of Aphrodite, newlyweds drank honeyed wine for a month following their marriage – hence, the tradition of taking a “honeymoon”! Honey is equally delicious served drizzled over brie cheese and crostini or simply drizzled over your honey.

This doesn’t just have to be go-to food for Valentine’s Day. It’s been proven that eating chocolate releases natural “feel-good” chemicals, such as seratonin, into the blood and some even report that women release more endorphins after eating chocolate than after kissing their significant other-hmm, ladies, what do you think about that one?

This is a surprising one, but it is known as the most “erotic” member of the vegetable family. Asparagus is particularly stimulating for men, and is said to increase circulation to major organs. Check out a yummy asparagus dish for two.

There are so many different foods that are considered aphrodisiacs, in fact, there are too many to name…but any dish shared between two lovers will have the same effects. Enjoy your one-on-one time and play safe!