It Happened: FLOTUS Had To Welcome Melania Trump To The White House
Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

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As President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama met to discuss the upcoming transition of power on Thursday, their wives also shared their first sit-down.

Speaking to the press after their 90-minute meeting at the White House, the president told reporters that “[First Lady] Michelle has had a chance to meet the incoming first lady [Melania Trump] and they had an excellent conversation as well.”

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Added Barack, “We want to make sure they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition.”

Melania, 46, will make history as the first immigrant first lady since 1825. Melania, who was born in Slovenia, moved to the U.S. in 1996. She became a citizen 10 years later, after marrying Donald in 2005.

During a recent campaign speech, Melania said she would focus on combatting cyberbullying as first lady. The plan, however, was categorized by many as ironic due to Donald’s online presence.

After Thursday’s sit-down, Barack said that he and Donald had an “excellent” and “wide-ranging” conversation, which touched on both foreign and domestic policy, as well as White House organizational issues.

Said the president, “As I said last night my No. 1 priority is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures … the president-elect is successful. I have been very encouraged by President-Elect Trump’s interest in wanting to work with my team in many of the issues this country faces. I believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of personal preferences” to work together going forward.

The president-elect also seemed positive about the meeting, and called the president a “very good man, very good man.”