The bra, by far the most iconic piece of clothing in all history, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Worn for most of our lives, or at least at some point, the bra is probably the only other piece of women’s clothing, besides trousers, that has been so intertwined with societal history.. Throughout its run, depending on the woman and her age, the bra has been seen as awkward, sensual, empowering and oppressive. It’s gone from an unmentionable to being put out on display. The simple cotton bra has morphed into a gazillion styles, at every price point under the sun, including a whopping $6.5 million dollar Victoria’s Secret bra. No matter if you like yours padded, pushed up, strapless, with or without underwire or seamless, a good bra never lets you down. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the support!