It’s hard not to think of JELL-O without remembering Bill Cosby as the iconic brand’s most famous face since 1974. Now, after a 10-year-hiatus, Cosby is back with Kraft Foods and JELL-O, but this time he’s behind the cameras.  The educator and author is executive producer for “Hello JELL-O,” a new national campaign that will air Monday. In addition, Cosby will start a 22-city-tour in Los Angeles this summer to identify the person with our nation’s best giggle. The winner will appear in a future JELL-O ad. You can hear Cosby as the host of weekly broadcasts through his new Web series called “OBKB.” The 10-minute family-oriented webisodes will feature Cosby’s interviews with small children. JELL-O’s multimillion-dollar campaign is its biggest ever, according to the Associated Press. The brand is sprucing up its logo with a smiling face that will appear in print, online and TV ads. Just makes you want a JELL-O pudding pop right about now, huh? Let’s take it back.