Michelle Obama has worn many memorable gowns over the past three years, but we especially loved the purple one-shoulder belted Doo.Ri number she wore to the October 2011 State Dinner for the President of South Korea.

“I think she looked so stunning in that jersey dress,” gushed the Korean-American designer Doo.Ri Chung.

Recently, Doo.Ri has teamed up with Macy’s to design an affordable “art-inspired” casual collection, filled with spruced-up basics, for their Impulse line.

We asked the designer which of the looks she envisioned Mrs. O would wear. “Definitely the red dress, or even the print. She’s such a print person, but I would love to see her in jersey as well. I hope she wears them!”

Take a peek at the line here, available in stores February 15th.