Ferguson Prosecutor Resigns Amid Criticism Of Cases Related To Police Killings
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A head prosecutor for the city of Ferguson, MO has officially stepped down.

Ferguson prosecutor Stephanie Karr has faced much scrutiny from the media and national community activists for her relentless pursuit of protestors and those on the receiving end of the police brutality epidemic that has engulfed the city since the police killing of unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown in August of 2014. 

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Karr, who has worked for the city for over 10 years, was one of few Ferguson officials who did not step down in 2014 following the release of a revealing report by the Department of Justice that highlighted the countless unfavorable actions of many Ferguson city officials in the handling of the Mike Brown case.  She’s made headlines since 2014 for constantly crusading against African-American activists and youth in Ferguson in the wake of the community’s high tensions with the police following Mike Brown’s murder and several other similar incidents since. 


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“I have greatly enjoyed my work with the city of Ferguson,” Karr said in an official resignation letter submitted to the city on Monday.

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In one of her most recent questionable acts, Karr blocked African-American councilwoman Laverne Mitchom from getting sworn in to her council seat despite fellow council members voting in her favor back in February.

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