Justine on the first moment she thought their baby wasn’t going to survive.

“I really knew that something was wrong with the baby when I found out my Bishop was coming to the hospital. Until then, I was thinking I was going to get a miracle. But Bishop Jordan never goes to the hospital to visit the sick, he only goes if you’re going to pass away. When my husband told me the Bishop was coming, I just said, ‘Really?’ and he said, ‘What’s the matter?’ But I didn’t say anything because I knew my husband would think that was negative thinking. So I just let it go.”

Run on not dwelling on pain:

“Why would you live in a moment that happened months ago?  Like, “Okay, here it is: My life’s devastated. Let me see if I can go find that pain. Here it is, here it is!  Oh, geez, it’s making me cry now.  Let me work with that. Maybe I’ll feel this bad tomorrow, too.‘” Your imagination is so crazy, you can make it so that the present moment is worse than the moment when the loss happened.  Why go through that when you can be happy? If you already worked it out, why go back to it constantly?  

“I didn’t stop Justine from mourning — in no way, shape or form. She and her mother did all that. But this is how my house keeps running and this is how I’m going to be an inspiration for the world — by looking forward. That’s what you need to understand about anything bad that ever happened to you.  Drop it. Let it go.” 

Justine on adopting an African-American child:

“There are so many Black children here who need homes — and babies, not just children, a lot of babies. People would be shocked.  They probably think there are only big kids.  No, there are strong Black women out there who are going through the whole nine months and giving up these babies. And I applaud them and thank them for that. They know they can’t support their children but yet they’re not aborting them. They’re trying to give them a chance.”

Justine on their decision to abstain from sex before marriage:

“When we were dating we decided we couldn’t have sex until we got married. I though it was amazing, because we dated for a long time. But, God as my witness, we were scared. We felt like we were going to die if we did it; like something really  bad would happen. I’m not saying we didn’t touch each other and hug and kiss — I’m not saying that. But we did not have sex and that was because we had the fear of God.  We wanted to cross every “t“, and dot every “i“.  We wanted to do everything right.”