Update: 11/12/09: Shaquille and Shaune O’Neal pitched a reality TV show based on their seemingly happy family called ‘Love Shaq’ earlier this year, according to TMZ.  Apparently the pilot caught the attention of A&E who told TMZ they’re still “considering” purchasing the show, despite the news of the couple’s split. 

Fast Break: Shaquille and Shaune O’Neal Separate 

Shaquille O’Neal and his wife Shaunie O’Neal are legally separated after almost seven years of marriage. According to Los Angeles Superior Court documents and numerous reports, Shaunie sites irreconcilable differences for their breakup and is seeking sole custody of their four children with visitation rights for Shaquille. Shaunie resides in Florida, but the papers were filed in California where she claims to be a resident as of November 8.

The couple supposedly has a prenuptial agreement.

This is the second split for the couple. Shaquille filed for divorce in 2007 according to when Shaunie accused the basketball star of hiding money from her. After the drama played out in the media, the O’Neals later got back together. 


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