The relaxed style at Novis, created by Aveda Global creative director Antoinette Beenders, featured a teeny braid that appeared to be floating on top of the hair. On the opposite side, however, it was anchored by a hidden braid covered by a flap of hair. The technique reminded me of the 1992 classic Eddie Murphy film Boomerang. At a family gathering actor John Witherspoon busts open his coat to reveal “special mushrooms” hidden as the printed lining of his jacket (they match his very 70s shirt and belt). When I saw Antoinette’s special hidden braid I thought special mushrooms! Hey, a beauty reference can come from anywhere. Art. Locales. Music. Fauna. Cult classics.

To recreate the Novis look start with straight hair. To add some grip and texture to very straight hair apply Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. With a large barrel iron curl hair in the mid-shaft, leaving the ends out. This keeps your curls from looking too bridal, says Beenders. Braid a small section of hair, about 1/4 inch wide on the right side of your head, starting near the temple. Secure the braid with an elastic.

On the left side of your head grab a horizontal section of hair, starting about an inch above your temple then rest it on the opposite side of her head, revealing the hair underneath. Horizontally french braid your hair, starting at your temple and extending to the center. This braid acts as an anchor to the first. Combine them using a rubber band. Loosen a few tendrils to finish the messy-chic look.