The queens of the catwalk may be the main attraction at the New York Metropolitan Life Museum exhibit “Models as Muse,” but that is surely not the case when you pick up a glossy on the newsstands. Suzy Menkes from the New York Times explores in a recent article why actresses are edging out models on magazine covers. “The whole idea of supermodels came into pop culture when actresses weren’t that interesting. Now Hollywood is filled with young actresses, and there is digital technology to make them look good,” says designer Marc Jacobs to the Times. Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wontour also notes, “The public interest in models these last few years has not been as it was during the early 90’s when Naomi [Campbell] and Linda [Evangelista] caused so much excitement.” What type of woman makes you want to pick up and read through a glossy? Do you prefer actresses or runway stars?—QS