Most people, especially females, shy away from caps because they think that wearing one will make them look silly or mess up their hair. Quash those misconceptions this winter and get the latest fashion accessory for your head: the fedora.

Make no mistake that the fedora is back in fashion and here to stay. With so many styles and materials, you can step out of your home wearing a different one each day and still look fabulous. Wearing a fedora makes you stand out on the streets and allows you to look contemporary while you maintain your casual demeanor. The beauty of these hats is that anyone can put one on and instantly transform from a Plain Jane into a worldly fashionable woman.

With winter approaching, many celebrities and fashionistas have stocked up on a variety of fedoras. Want to feel warm yet fashionable? Try on an angora fedora for size. Got a new leather jacket to show off? Why not pair it with an elegant suede fedora? A wool plaid fedora is also great for walks in the park. And if you are looking for a nice matching fedora that even your spouse can wear, you can choose two unisex corduroy fedora hats and step out together.

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