Ever stumbled across a steamy sex scene during a late-night flip through your cable stations? Plenty of women might keep changing the channel. However, erotica author Zane suggests you put down the remote and pay attention to the tantalizing images. “So many women are inhibited when it comes to sex,” says Zane. “We forget that we are entitled to have desires and have our wants met.”

Which is why, this fall, Zane is taking her sexually explicit tales to cable television. Her Cinemax show, Zane’s Sex Chronicles, will feature five powerful women who achieve their dreams in the boardroom-and the bedroom. Developed with award-winning producer Suzanne de Passe, the weekly series will contain simulated sex that takes women’s imaginations into uncharted territory. Not sure risqué viewing is right for you? Here’s why you might want to tune in to her show and other female-focused fantasies.

They Appeal to Your Senses

Unlike male-centered pornography, woman-friendly movies give more attention to the budding chemistry between a couple. “Sex is presented in a way that women find attractive and arousing,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., author of Pleasure: A Woman’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need, and Deserve (Penguin). When the real action starts, the camera highlights foreplay, intimacy and a woman’s approach to ecstasy.

They Can Enhance Your Pleasure 

“There’s no reason that we should walk away from the experience any less satisfied than a man,” Zane observes. Watching films geared toward women is a great way to take your sex life from missionary to the mountaintop. Add more fun to your bed by mastering a position performed by your favorite TV actress or setting up a scenario that you saw on the small screen.

They’re A Single Girl’s Best Friend 

Some watchers use the films to get in the mood for their man. But it’s just fine to get yours while watching alone. “Some people say, ‘[Erotica] just doesn’t sound interesting to me,’ ” offers Hutcherson. “Pleasuring yourself is one way of making it more interesting.”


Photo Credit: iStock Photo