Fantasia Says Pleasing People ‘Drained’ Her
Leon Bennett/WireImage

Fantasia is back on top of the world, and the charts, these days. The 2004 American Idol winner is no stranger to controversy and negative headlines, but says she’s a changed woman, reports People.

The Grammy-winning singer, whose new album Side Effects of You hits stores today, says she had to stop catering to everyone’s needs. “I always want to please everybody, and I want to help everybody and I think that was draining me—moneywise, mentally,” said Fantasia. “I had to change all of that. I still help people but in a different way. It’s not about money.”

Folks who have witnessed her transformation are proud that she’s come so far. “Everyone was saying how happy they were to see me at this place,” said Fantasia. “I think my happiness and peace is now finally showing and so they were all like ‘just stay here.'”

Along with Fantasia’s new lease on life comes a new attitude and new body. The 28 year old says she works out twice a day. “I love Pilates, yoga and spinning class,” said Fantasia. “I’ve a trainer at home. She’s the kind that she pops up at your house and if you have the wrong plate in front of you, she’ll take your plate up and she’ll throw it away.”

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