Last month, Brandy filed a lawsuit seeking to end her contract with Chameleon Entertainment. She claims that the label “will not pay for her to record new albums or allow her to otherwise release music to her fans,” bullying her into a contract that will allow them to double-dip in funds. Brandy has requesed one million dollars in compensation for damages.

Brandy Files Suit Against Record Label

Well, the singer isn’t standing alone; her fans have launched a petition in her defense. The petition, #FreeBrandy—a revolt against music executive Bryon Prescott & Chameleon Entertainment stands as “a united front by unapologetically advocating for the contractual freedom of Brandy.”

A call to action, the petition quotes the late great Maya Angelou, comparing the Broadway star to the infamous “song bird.”

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“If you believe that Brandy should be free from this maliciously contrived contract and that she is a voice for our generation and imperative to our music soundscape, particularly to R&B PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.  There is power in numbers! We will no longer remain silent.  We won’t watch idly to see what the courts decide.  We’re taking action against injustice that has caused one of the world’s greatest gems to remain mute.

Maya Angelou once said, “I know why the caged bird sings.” In this case… our beautiful “bird” will sing, because that’s what she was created to do, BUT WE NEED IT TO BE HEARD and we need to get her out of this cage.  If you’re in agreement with this we need your help!

#FreeBrandy #Breyoff #HowDareYouSony #BoycottPrescott #LAreidthis #BrandysLifeMatters”

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The petition already has 398 supporters and only needs 102 more virtual signatures to reach 500.

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