This husband has earned a few extra cool points.

We already know that rapper and actor T.I. loves his wife of six years, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, dearly, but he just took his devotion to a new level.

Over the weekend, TIP was caught on camera in an awkward situation when a female fan tried to grab him and kiss him on the lips as he passed by her on his way between locations – and, his reaction was priceless. While T.I.’s head was turned, the fan approached him and when he turned around, the woman reached out both of her hands out and grabbed T.I’s face as she attempted to kiss him on the lips. But, rest assured, Mr. Harris wasn’t at all down for letting a strange woman steal a kiss. T.I. swiftly swerved out of her grasp and his security team quickly ushered her away. His reaction was so swift it seemed almost like a reflex. While the overzealous fan remains unknown, T.I.’s quick thinking is worth a shout out.

Someone applaud that man. Tiny, we know you’re smiling big right now. Watch the video below.

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