This Family Bought The House Where Their Ancestors Used To Pick Cotton
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A South Carolina family has bought the house and property where their ancestors used to pick cotton.
Dorothy Ngongang received a call from the owners of the house, offering to sell to her the land where she grew up sharecropping. She was then able to pool the money together alongside her nine siblings.

The Giles family lived in a sharecropping hut across the road from their new house, according to Buzzfeed. They were able to spend their first Christmas on the land that housed much of their family’s history.

“We reminisce about playing under the porch, and how we just love looking at that beautiful white house with the wraparound porch,” Dorothy said.

Her son, Decker Ngongang, tweeted about the extraordinary events.

“My mom and her nine siblings grew up sharecropping in SC,” he tweeted. “A while back they found out the land our family worked was for sale, so they pooled their $ and bought the house+land where gen’s of our family picked cotton. This was the first Giles family holiday in the old/new house.”

Up to 30 people, including children and grandchildren, packed into the beautiful white house.

Congratulations! The ancestors would be proud.