Faith Evans Would be Open to a Collaboration with… Lil’ Kim?
Courtesy of the Artist

Do we spy a Faith Evans-Lil’ Kim duet?!

Despite the pair’s two-decade tumultuous history—Lil’ Kim had an affair with Faith Evan’s husband, Biggie—we might be seeing a collaboration from the two hip hop goddesses.

Faith Evans appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live yesterday, and a caller asked how much money it would take for her to collaborate with her sworn enemy. Surprisingly, she said that it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility. In fact, Evans had already reached out to Lil’ Kim, but the timing just wasn’t right. 

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“It’s really not about money,” Evans said. “At this point, it would be about it being the right song and about it making sense for both of us to do it.”

Ohhh, our fingers are crossed!