A 26-year-old Florida woman is having a fine time getting back at her cheating ex-boyfriend by selling his possessions on eBay. To sweeten the deal, the woman, who goes by “Taylor,” appears in revealing photos with her ex-man’s goods.

While we can’t decide if this is creative or just a waste of precious energy, Taylor’s story made us wonder, “Is revenge sweet?” We asked our Facebook friends to tell us what they’ve done to get back at their exes. See if you can spot the “Waiting to Exhale” moment…

Here’s What You Said:
“I bleached his clothes and cut up his favorite pair of leather pants. Wow! That must have been a while ago if leather pants were in style.”

Treclyn: “I moved on with the guy that I was cheating on him with and married him. I’ve been happy ever since.”

Mylena: “I completely cut him off — no e-mails, no phone calls, no acknowledgement of any sort. In general this makes my life easier and it let him know where he stood with me — he had no standing at all. When you do stuff to get back at somebody, he’s not your ex, he’s still active in your mind.”

Elsie: “I bleached his damn clothes while he was work and then went back over there as if nothing happened and got some for the last time. … Oh wait … I slashed all four tires while he was at the movies and waited for him to come out and laughed out loud.”

SJay: “I sent [sex-tapes] to his new woman so she could hear him hollering my name.”

Gina: “I let my actions speak louder. My silence was golden.”

Sybil: “I made a complete and utter fool of myself. I will never do that again!”

Melody: “I had his lights turned off.”

Kendra: “I cut, bleached and burned all his clothes the first time. I went to his house and took every thong I bought him down to his boxers the second time. It never happened after that.”

Lisa: “Revenge is a waste of time. Move on!”