My Favorite Valentine’s Day

Loving Memories

What’s your most memorable Valentine’s Day. Was it the first time you and your boo said, “I love you?” or the day your man got down on one knee? We asked our Facebook friends to jog their memories to tell us about their favorite Valentine’s Days. Here’s what you said…

Dad’s Love

“I remember when I was six and my sister was five, my dad bought us gold heart shaped lockets and these huge solid pieces of chocolate shaped like ballet shoes and a bunch of other stuff.” -Shani

The Works

“My husband – then boyfriend – put three dozen pink roses (my favorite) in various rooms of the house. There were heart balloons everywhere and there was a huge teddy bear on the bed. He took me out to dinner and also bought me the Coach bracelet I wanted. He is very good to me and I love him more than words can say.” -Stephanie

It’s Our Anniversary

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day is when I got involved with my honey! This year will be our two year anniversary!” -Mosura

Girl’s Time

“Years ago after a boyfriend and I had broken up, my girlfriends took me to New Orleans for the weekend. We had a blast!” -Gretchen

Baby Love

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day was being in labor. My daughter was born on Valentine’s Day 21 years ago.” -Jeannie

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Signed With Love

“Last year we both made homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Mine was titled, ‘The story of Us.’ It began with how we met and I’m hoping it ends in the ‘M’ word.” -Darrien

Words of Love

“My grandma’s funeral was on Valentine’s day, so I had to cancel my plans. I was really down that morning, and the doorbell rang. It was a delivery of a simple red box with a white bow. Inside was the most beautiful leather journal with romantic poems printed on each page. It was from my date, with whom I had to cancel. I cried like a baby.” -Valente

A Mother’s Love

“I went with my mother to Jamaica in 2001. She’s the one person who’ll never put any conditions on her love. I thank her for the gift of life.” -Evelyn

Since You Came Into My Life

“On February 14, 2010 I met the man I am in love with now. He is an exceptional, God-fearing, hard-working, family-first man and I love him.” -Tammera

Will You Marry Me?

“My husband proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2003.” -Lisa