Here’s a fun fact: legendary model Iman is the only HSN designer with a waiting list for her collection. Another one? She’s the second-best-selling designer on the network, which features dozens of celebrity collections.

The hardworking mother, mogul and wife of famed rocker David Bowie, is hoping to strike gold with a second line. Or should we say “Platinum”?

Her new collection, named for the precious metal, debuts today on HSN. True to its name, it will feature slightly higher-end pieces, from real leather skirts with jersey panels to faux-fur-trimmed jackets.

We met with the designer to take a look at the collection and chat about what makes this line stand out. Read on for her passionate description of her new line, the reason she knows you will love it, and her words of wisdom on how to remain fierce, fun and fabulous!

ESSENCE.COM: What’s the difference between your Global Chic collection and your newly launched Platinum Collection?
IMAN: The Platinum Collection is the higher-end line. While a skirt from the Global Chic line can sell for $50, the outwear from the Platinum Collection- – that goes beautifully with that skirt — will retail at $158.

ESSENCE.COM: Besides budget, is there a difference between the type of woman who buys your Platinum Collection and the one who buys your Global Chic line?
IMAN: I think it’s the same woman I am designing for. But, HSN has a core customer who is always budget conscious, and I don’t want to alienate her. I’ve been with HSN for three years now and have worked really hard to always speak to that woman, so Global Chic and Platinum Collection have that in common. 

ESSENCE.COM: How do you think you accomplish that?
IMAN: By knowing that women don’t buy something because it’s Iman. It’s because I’ve delivered over and over again. For three years, I’ve cultivated my relationship with that woman in terms of quality and price.

ESSENCE.COM: Was that hard when it comes to debuting a higher end — and pricier — collection like the Platinum line?
IMAN: I struggled with this collection in terms of price and the economy how it is. But my thinking was, if I’m giving you fake leather and charging you $150 for it, then shame on me! But instead, I am giving my customers quality products and great design at a higher price point. And I’m giving them choice, because everything in this line still works with our lower-priced Global Chic line, which retails for under $100.

ESSENCE.COM: Your husband is just as much of a fashion icon himself, does he ever get involved in your design process?
IMAN: To be honest, not really. But he is vocal if he sees something that’s not me in the collection. If something doesn’t reflect my style, he will say no, and that’s a deal breaker!

ESSENCE.COM: So you are now the second-highest-selling designer on HSN. Is that something that makes you proud?
IMAN: It is! Especially because I know it’s the product that is driving this. My customer saw the product and saw how good it was and stuck to it. I was clear about my message from the beginning. I can imagine a woman looking at me through the television and thinking she has nothing in common with me and my life. But that’s not my intention with my clothes. My intention is to let her know how this will fit into her life. To show how an item can work for her when she’s with her kids, but also dazzle her husband when they have their time together. 

ESSENCE.COM: What was your inspiration for this collection?
IMAN: It was looking at all the amazing fall collection and trends. But at an affordable price!

ESSENCE.COM: Do you have any advice to give our readers on how to stay fabulous?
IMAN: Never forget about yourself. As women, we always take care of other people and other things, but we never do that for each other. Also, remember that it’s very easy to look fierce! It doesn’t have to be from head to toe. Pick that one thing on your body that works — whether it’s great legs or a great smile — and make it stand out!

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