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EXCLUSIVE: What to Expect from VH1's 'Tiny Tonight'

Tameka "Tiny" Harris names the First Couple as her dream guests for her new show.
EXCLUSIVE: What to Expect from VH1’s ‘Tiny Tonight’
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In December, VH1 fans got a taste of Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ new talk show Tiny Tonight. And this evening fans will get their long-awaited second helping of the show, which co-stars Tamar Braxton, Trina and Claudia Jordan.

ESSENCE.com caught up with Tiny ahead of tonight’s show to chat about what fans can expect to see. Tonight’s theme is love, she says. “We’re going to be giving a lot of advice and talking about love, being in love and other people’s love lives,” says Tiny. “It’s a lot of love going on. This is the month of February. We got into the spirit.”

The show focuses on Tiny and her girlfriends’ reactions and commentary to various topics. But Tiny admits everyone has a different personality on set. “I would say that Trina is reserved,” she says. “Tamar is very funky. She’s vibrant and she says whatever. Claudia is straight to the point and very classy.” But when it comes to defining her own personality, Tiny calls herself the peacemaker of the group. “I’m always the one to settle things; I’m the one they come to for advice. I’m that person that can help calm things down. I’m the neutral one that gives the advice and helps others.”

Even though all the ladies get along fairly well, Tiny admits things do get catty at times. “But it’s all in love. Everyone’s enjoying each other… It’s great that you don’t have somebody that agrees with everything. It wouldn’t make a show if everybody had the same thoughts and felt the same way.”

While Tiny Tonight continues to gain popularity and grow its core audience, Tiny hopes to welcome President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle as future guests someday. “Michelle, she’s a very strong Black woman and I think that we could learn a lot of great things from her. They would be great to be around.”

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode (airing at 10 p.m.) below: