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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Kandi Burruss Discuss 'Kandi Factory' and Criticism Over New Gospel Song

The Kandi Factory star on her new reality show and how she responds to criticism about her gospel song, "Stay Prayed Up."
EXCLUSIVE: Watch Kandi Burruss Discuss ‘Kandi Factory’ and Criticism Over New Gospel Song
Michael Rowe

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss isn’t feeling too sweet about the feedback she’s gotten for her gospel song, “Stay Prayed Up.” She tells ESSENCE.com that the track was meant to be a testament to overcoming life’s struggles through prayer and wasn’t an attempt to play preacher.

“I’m not trying to tell you that my life totally changed around yesterday and tomorrow I’m going to be a saint,” says Kandi. “The song is more of a testimony for me. I have more of a larger platform to be able to speak on my belief in God and the fact that I pray.”

Burruss also discusses her Bravo singing competition Kandi Factory. “It’s different from a lot of other music shows,” she says. “First of all we have all original songs. Every song on the show I wrote specifically for the artist that is competing that week.”

Check out our full conversation with Kandi Burruss above.