Season five of the AMC hit series Mad Men is just getting underway and things have already taken an interesting turn. Two weeks ago the show introduced a brand new Black character, Dawn, played by Teyonah Parris. Dawn’s the first African-American woman to integrate the show’s advertising company, Sterling Cooper Draper Price. caught up with the budding actress to get her take on the series. We wanted to know from her, why we should be watching. Here are her top four reasons:

1. Dawn’s Story Is Important: Watching how the company integrates — it’s one woman’s story. Dawn is one woman. Her role is groundbreaking. She’s not there to tell a million people’s stories. But, it’s her story and it’s very interesting to watch how she deals with it.

2. The Drama in Their Lives is Universal: I love period dramas. When I got the job I was very excited. I really wanted to play a character in this time period for a while. I didn’t have any apprehensions about doing it. These people may not look like us, but the drama in their lives is very universal.

3. The Show’s Fashions Are Fun: I love to play dress up. My character is very much conservative and a bit shy  — she keeps to herself. So her clothes definitely reflect that. My first outfit was this long wool plaid skirt that went below my knees with a button up shirt to my chin. It’s very fun. And I think I look so different in the custom than how I look in life. It’s a lot of fun for me.

4. The Writing is Amazing: The caliber of writing is so amazing. It’s gratifying to even be on “Mad Men.”

Tune into AMC this coming Sunday at 10 p.m. for the latest episode of Mad Men.