Although Sherri Shepherd was eliminated from the competition this week on Dancing with the Stars, she already has her eye on next season’s potential cast. She tells exclusively that she would pick Queen Latifah, Elizabeth Hasselback, Jackeé Harry, Ben Vereen, Idris Elba and Beyoncé to be on her dream cast.

“I really want to see Beyoncé. She’d be cool because she can dance,” says Shepherd. “I’d love to see her ballroom dancing! It would be cool to see someone like Ben Vereen also because he’s such a dancer. I want to see what he can bring to the dance floor.”

As for her shocking elimination, Shepherd says she’s “heartbroken” and “devastated,” but was just getting warmed up. “I was working on the Samba. There was so much I wanted to show America that I didn’t get to.”

Above all, Shepherd says she’s not going to whimper and cry over her situation. “I’m not going to be a sore looser,” she says. “I’m not going to complain.” And when asked if she’ll appear on any more reality shows, she gave a very firm “No!”


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