There are few television shows on the air today that carefully weave fantasy and reality with ease. One of them, NBC’s hit fantasy show Grimm, begins its second season tonight, but the show’s star Russell Hornsby says viewers are in for a bumpy and exciting ride.

“In season one Hank encounters creatures that turn into humans, which leads him to become very unstable,” says Hornsby in a short recap. “He doesn’t know where he is and starts questioning his mental state. He doesn’t know if he should stay a police officer or quit the force.”

This time around, Hornsby says Hank will be taking matters into his own hands and will seek professional counseling to get his life back on track. “[Hank] will try to get his sanity back and try to come in terms with what exactly he saw,” said Hornsby. “Hank is in this sort of carious world where he’s trying to balance himself a little bit so he can get back to being himself. I’ve been told Hank has a lot of crazy stuff happening in season two.”

For eager fans who’ll be sitting on the edge of their seat tonight for the season opener, Hornsby says he’s just as excited as they are. “I’m just excited about the surprises that are around the corner for me because it’s sort of like opening up Pandora’s Box every time you read the script.”

Tune into Grimm tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. and watch the comprehensive season one recap below.