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Exclusive: Regina Hall Shares Her Beauty Tips

The Think Like a Man Too star dishes on her skincare routine, favorite makeup, Mother's Day plans—and more.

Ageless beauty, actress Regina Hall, chats with us about her skincare and makeup faves—plus the get-healthy gift she’s sharing this Mother’s Day.

ESSENCE: Mother’s Day is tomorrow. What are you planning for your mom?
Hall: I’m sending my mother two things: A bottle of White Diamonds Lustre and a Vitamix. So she can smell good and feel good. The perfume is a little floral and a little citrus—it’s soft but fragrant. I feel feminine—and a little flirty—when I wear it.

ESSENCE: We saw a picture of you leaving the gym. You weren’t wearing makeup, but your skin was flawless.  What’s your routine?
Hall: That day was horrible! I saw the paparazzi running, and I was being nosey! I thought Who are they getting? I was shocked when I realized they were snapping pictures of me and said “Oh no, this is going to be bad…”  I use a Shiseido foaming cleanser. My moisturizer is from Whole Foods: Avalon Organics Vitamin C products. There’s a moisturizer that’s oil-free and one that’s not. I combine the oil-free version with argan oil (it doesn’t clog my pores!).

ESSENCE: How have you adjusted your fitness or beauty regimen since you’re prepping for the release of Think Like a Man Too?
Hall: Up until a week ago, I was not eating well. I love French fries. So I’ve cut down on the fries and chips. I do a lot of juicing, since the release is getting close. I try to make sure I have one green juice each day. And a few weeks before the press tours I start getting facials. I have tiny pores and just want to

ESSENCE: What you most looking forward to regarding the release?
I’m happy about seeing the cast again. It’s really fun for us to get together because it doesn’t happen often. And we got such amazing support from audiences last time, I’m excited for them to see the film.

ESSENCE: What’s your favorite beauty product?
Hall: Dior has these amazing lip glosses. They’re almost sheer. You can wear them alone or with a lipstick—they’re so beautiful. They excenuate your lips in this extraordinary way. I’m also very into thick brows right now!

Regina Hall is starring in Think Like a Man Too, out on June 20th.