EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Rowland About Raising a Black boy: ‘I Cannot Tell You My Prayers at Night’
Getty Images/D Dipasupil

Raising a child is no joke. Some would venture to say that parenthood is by far one of the most difficult jobs on the face of the earth. Parents are responsible for molding children into complete people: mentally, spiritually and physically. Given the recent acts of terrorism towards Blacks in this country, and the deaths of young Black men at the hands of police officers, raising young Black boys and grooming them into Black men is even more trying. 

“I cannot tell you my prayers at night,” said Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Rowland who gave birth to her first son, Titan Jewell, last November. “When I pray at night, it’s starting to become a lot of tears.” Rowland continued, “It’s not just my son I pray for. I pray for our young Black boys as a whole.” 

Kelly Rowland is a woman of faith and also a concerned mother.

Rowland told ESSENCE that the recent wave of terror against Blacks makes young Black men fear their lives. “It makes them [young Black men] fearful for their destiny, it makes them fearful for the decisions that they make. And I don’t want them to live in fear because fear is something that holds us back from all of the great things that God has for us.” The superstar singer sees greatness in the next generation of Black men. And her desire is for the Black boys to realize their full potential.

Despite Rowland’s fears, and new mommy angst, her aura is one of serenity. She continually prays for peace of mind and loves-on her baby as only a mother could. “I pour all of my love into him [Titan], my husband pours love into him and teaches him how to be a man, even now.” Rowland smiled, “I want to raise a great man for a great woman.”

It seems that Rowland has managed to find an answer to her prayers: love.